Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm so Blue!

I am so blue today - my much anticipated trip to BC to see my brothers has fallen through because of half a dozen stupid little things.  When I went to renew my prescriptions to take with me, I found they had run out.  To get them renewed I needed a doctor's appointment but he couldn't fit me in until tomorrow.  My landline phone was kaput so I had to go buy new ones to see if it was the phones or the line - luckily it was the phones.  My cell phone quit at the same time so I had to take it in to find out how to do a "hard reboot' on it.  When I went to make an appointment for physio for DH's back strain I found they would not take Worker's Compensation cases because of all the paperwork involved!  After struggling with my internet all summer today I found that it is actually the aircard that needs to be repaired and not poor reception like they told me in June - it freezes up every half hour or so and I have to shut down, wait and start over.  Now I know what is wrong at least I can get it fixed.  And, of course, the horrible saga of the driveway continues!  If anyone would like 60 tons of the ugliest pit run gravel you have ever seen, it is free if you pick it up!  lol
I have been looking forward to this visit all summer - some rainy gloomy days I think it was all that kept me going - and now I can't go.  Bummer!  It will give me more time to get the trailer unpacked and cleaned, more time to get things ready for Colorado and the annual CQI retreat, more time to get my house back in order after four months away and more time to catch up on round robin work.  But I really wanted to go!!  (pouting and blue)


Anonymous said...

Kerry I am so sorry your plans fell through. I am sure that combined with everything else would feel like a boulder of heaviness. I hope at least the stitching you get to catch up on will allow your mind some peace! I have read many articles how helpful stitching is during the blues and stress. I Am still sorry for your disappointment!

I know you will have fun at the retreat, stitching and friends, what could be better.

Here is a hug and hoping things get better!

Ann Flowers

Lesley said...

Kerry, what a terrible disappointment. I'm so sorry and I wish there was something I could do to make it all better. But I can't. all I can do is keep you in my thoughts, and send you Happy Blessings

shawkl said...

Yep, that does just royally suck! But, not to worry...we shall commiserate with you! Let's go eat lot's of chocolate!

Sending big hugs to you!


Laurie said...

Oh Kerry. I'm so sorry this all happened and you have to cancel your trip. I know just how you feel, I hope the retreat heals the wounds some for you.

Paula said...

I am so genuinely deeply sorry Kerry.

Cathy K said...

Hi Kerry, I’m so sorry that you can’t visit with your brothers. Can you make plans for the new year?? Anyway, we’ll have to try doubly hard at the Retreat in a couple weeks to cheer you up! And between computers and phones..... ugh.... I hate that sh**. The GOOD news is that things can only get better, right?? Can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug. For now, cyber (((hugs))) will have to do. :-) Cathy

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Thank you so much for all the tea and sympathy! It is much appreciated - what is a pity party without guests? lol