Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finished my work on Ely`s block!

I finished my work on Ely`s block at last - took me awhile!  Some of this I`ve posted about before - some is new.  I mentioned the tree before - I am hoping that the other stitchers will join me on that patch adding things and that between us all we can build a lovely garden there for Ely.  The white beaded flower on the far left is an Avon earring of all things!  lol  I liked the way it echoed the shape of the flower already embroidered on the fabric.  I added the adjacent seamwork.  Moving up the block there is my spider and web, my BAS Seam 58 above that and then two dragonflies built from silver beads.  Above that is ribbon stem and leaves with spiderweb roses made from pearl cotton.   To the left is the initial salvaged from a hankerchief with the ruched ribbon and pearl border and to the right is another pink seam.

This is Ely`s entire block after I`ve done stitching on it.  There are so many seams to stitch treatments for but I need to mail this on now.  I am filling in as round robin angel for two stitchers who have had to drop out of this particular round robin so I`ll have another chance to add more when it comes back around my way.

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Ruby said...

I really like that tree and the idea of building a garden. Cool! You are an Angel for doing this. :)