Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So, how are those Resolutions going?

With January behind us I think it is time to take a look at those New Years resolutions and see how well they are being met.  This promises to be a long, boring post so feel free to skip it - I am talking to myself as much as anyone here!  lol

So, I had a lot of lofty stitching goals listed in my Resolutions this year - going to take a look and see how I am doing.

1.  Have not made a move towards teaching a cq class yet - still have eleven months to go but really need to make a move on this.

2.  Homemade Christmas - make two gifts a month towards next year?  Well, that certainly went by the wayside.  Will try to keep on track by making FOUR in February.

3.  Start a whole entire crazy quilt.  Ummmmm.... not yet.  Still rattling around in my head and not a block pieced or a stitch made. 

Not looking good here, is it?

4.  At last!  Here is one I am actually working on.  Resolved to enter four competitions a year and I am working on the first one.  (Pat on the back)

5.  Write two things this year about cq.  Hmmmm... not yet.  Will do it - yes, I will.

6.  One item a month made for charity.  Okay, doing good on this one actually.  Made a batch of cat toys for the local animal rescue foundation and took a knit baby set into the hospital auxilliary gift shop in town.  And I`m working away on my first AAQI piece.  So, that is going well.  By the way, the new art quilts are up on that website for the Feburary Slow and Silent auction - worth a look so run on over there!

7.  Did I forget this one?  Yes!  Resolved to stitch a minimum of 15 minutes a day.  Perhaps I need to post a note to myself to remind me - will do that and see if I do better next month.  After all, stitching is what feeds my soul and I should not deny myself that even a single day!

8.  EEEEE!!!   The sewing room resolution.  I blew it!  I have been procrastinating so badly on this one.  Okay, new month, new start!  I have to admit though that I have been getting a lot accomplished in other areas in my search for reasons to put this off.  My kitchen cupboards have been cleaned out, the medicine chest never looked so good, etc. 

9.  Wow!  There was no 9!  Okay, so I have let myself down a bit in some areas, done well in others.  But they are all still doable so here is the new resolve forming.  Wish me luck!

PS - Don`t you just hate posts with no pictures?


Gerry Krueger said...

You need to do what I do... When I do something that is NOT on my list (like clean kitchen cupboards) I add it to my list after the fact so I can cross it out... Makes my list look much better. (and truly an accurate portrayal of my industrious self) So I know for a fact that I remember reading that cleaning the kitchen cupboard was indeed on your new year's resolution list...

Trust me.... Hugs Gerry

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Gerry, Sweetie, this is just ONE of the reasons I love ya!!