Thursday, February 4, 2010

BAS - Week 47 - Whipped Chain Stitch

This week's Build a Seam (BAS) Challenge Stitch is Whipped Chain Stitch.  The first step is to stitch a line of ordinary chain stitch.  Make the stitches just a bit looser and larger than usual to allow for the wrapping.  Here is a tutorial for chain stitch if you need it. I have used a variagated thread for this portion of the stitch.  I love this thread but I only got part of a skein in a swap so am not sure of the name or maker.

The second part of Whipped Chain Stitch is made by taking your needle over and through each chain.  You will bring your needle up through the fabric at the start of the line of stitching but for the rest it will remain on the surface.  For this part I used a darker green tapestry wool (DMC Broder Medicis Laine Tapisserie).  I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was to work with and it is a nice thickness too.  It is helpful to use a blunt needle such as a tapestry needle for the wrapping so you don't catch your chain stitch threads.

Here is what the completed line of Whipped Chain Stitch looks like.  To me it almost has the appearance of a braided trim. Your choice of threads can add a lot of fun to this stitch - how much contrast will you use?

Well, there it is for another week.  Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kerry--you are quite timely with this--I was just looking for a stitch for DD's wall hanging. Thanks! Lynn, So/Cal

Sharon said...

Kerry very pretty I like this stitch allot. Thank you