Friday, February 12, 2010

3rd Potholder Swap

This is the third potholder swap I have taken part in at the Yahoo Mailblocks group.  It is a "sane" quilting group but I still find a way to go crazy!  lol  So, this is the potholder I have made for the swap and I'll be mailing it out to Ramona on Monday.  For the center patch I used some cross stitch pansies - my favourite flower.  I coffee-dyed the cross stitch piece to make it look a bit more vintage to go with these fun fabrics I got from Connecting Threads.  For further embellishment I only added a lace motif and two seams:  one of buttonhole half circles and one of ric rac held in place by chain stitch.  Both seams were done in blue pearl cotton.  After all, a potholder is supposed to be utilitarian!  I so enjoyed making this and think I should find time to make some for myself now as well.  I think they would look very cheery in the kitchen.  I might wait til dd moves out again though - she is famous for setting the potholders on fire!  lol

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