Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not Resolutions, More like Goals

I am not making resolutions... I am making goals.  They all seem to have to do with stitching and wanting to expand my horizons in the art.  Here goes:

1.  This year I will bite the bullet and arrange to teach a class in cq.  Something a little more adventurous than just at my local guild.  The main obstacle is my shyness and how to teach when my tendency is not to speak above a whisper!

2.  The group, Quilting on a Budget, has something going for next year called `Homemade Christmas`.  During discussions on the group we realized that if you made two gifts each month, you would have 24 gifts ready next Christmas.  Not just that you have made something from the heart, but avoiding a good part of the annual Christmas panic!  I am resolving to do this and will post photos of them as I get them done.

3.  This year I will make, or at least make a good start on, an actual crazy quilt - not just single blocks.

4.  This year I will enter at least four competitions with my stitching - that`s one every four months so it sounds not too intimidating!

5.  This year I will write about crazy quilting and stitching and submit it for publication somewhere.  Let`s see.... twice!  So at least two separate things will be submitted for publication.... somewhere.  I don't expect them to be accepted or anything - but just the writing of them will help me clarify my teaching techniques, right?

6.  I will create and give at least one item a month to charity - this will be my service project for the year.  I will post pictures to keep myself honest. lol  Some of the groups I would like to do some work for are Grandmothers for Grandmothers (the purse auction), Aids Angels, The Toy Society, Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, and of course I'll take part in CQI's Making Memories project again this year for Breast Cancer. In addition I'll be doing small things on a local basis like baby quilts and baby sets for the hospital gift shop (profits go to the Ladies Hospital Auxiliary) and knit caps for the newborns at the same hospital as well as placemats for Meals on Wheels.  There are actually a lot of things you can do locally if you look around.  Even the local library is in need of book bags for the local literacy program.

7.  I have decided, because I am a terrible procrastinator, that I will stitch a minimum of 15 minutes per day.  Once I start I am likely to carry on longer, but starting is the difficult part for me.

8.  I will organize and clean out my sewing room so that I can actually work there!  And find things!  I'll work on this one hour a day (minimum) until it is accomplished.

So, has anyone else sat down and thought about what they would like to accomplish this year in the way of goals related to their stitching?


Cathy said...

What an excellent idea, Kerry! Your goals are very ambitious and I wish you the best with them. I think I'll do as you have (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) and try writing out some goals. Hugs and Happy New Year! Cathy

Gerry Krueger said...

That's a lot... Some I want to do also...teach a /CQ class and write an article... but I find trying to explain "how" a very hard thing to do. Competitions sound like fun... I never see them!

My one goal/resolution for 2010 is to be nicer to my husband.. It takes so little to make him happy and I do just that---- so little... Now that more and more of my friends are widows I'm thinking it's time charity starts at home!



Ruby said...

Have a Happy,Prosperous,Healthy New Year! Yes, I need to set some goals!

AmiSimms said...

Thanks for listing goal #6. Maybe some of your readers will join you!

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative would be most grateful.

Ami Simms

Beverly said...

Beautiful work, Kerry, great blog, and I love your goals. My big goal is to do art of some kind every day! Today, alas, my art project consisted of vacuuming the living room rug. I do have some ideas that need to be committed to paper, so I'm going to do that tonight, and call it art in the works. (I'm much easier on myself as I've gotten older!)