Monday, December 14, 2009

Tutorial - Moss Stitch

I learned Moss Stitch from A - Z of Embroidery 2, and thought I would share how I did a seam with this stitch.Begin by making a cross stitch as seen in this photo and the next.
I used a thread called Very Velvet and used a chenille needle to accommodate the thickness of the thread.

After forming the "X" bring your needle up above it, in the middle as shown.
Form a loop with your thread now, taking your needle over the first part of the loop and under the second side. Please refer to the photo below to see what I mean about the placement of the needle.

Using your thumb to hold the loop in place take your needle under the center of the cross stitch from top to bottom. Make sure the loop is under the tip of your needle.
Pull the thread through and it will form a small knot over the center of the "X".
Take your needle down below the center of the "X" as shown and the first stitch is done. Bring the needle up again as close as possible to the top right hand portion of the "X" and you are in position to start the next stitch.

Here is what a whole line of the Moss Stitch looks like. It also looks good scattered inside a shape to provide shading. I hope this is clear enough to understand. As always, if my words fail me, refer to the photos.


Juli said...

Great seam! I'm interested to find some of the thread that you used.

One thing must post us a picture of your nails! =)

Rose Anne B said...

WOW that is neato and with the chenille yarn very attractive! Now will have to try this one too.