Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Great Day at the Thrift Store

I had a wonderful leisurely shop through my favourite thrift store the other day and thought you might like to see some of the treasures I found,,,
I was so pleased to find a ring and pair of earrings - all petit point. I am always on the lookout for these. I remove the back apparatus and am left with little framed petit point pictures that are so easy to attach, using the holes in the metal filigree on the frame to sew them to cq blocks.
You can never have too many pretty hankies to cut up and use in blocks so was very happy to find this package of 6.

I love finding embroidered pieces I can use in piecing my blocks. This one is lovely in silk.

This purse had to come home with me because of the wonderful texture in the material it is constructed with. Where I will use it I don't know but into the stash it goes!

This piece was nicely framed so I will use the frame for some project or other after I take it apart. It is a tiny silk kimono. I think I feel an Asian influenced block coming on!

This silk embroidered picture is very like the embroideries I was looking at at Spruce Meadows International Market. Maybe a focal point for that Asian piece I am thinking of?

I have a very difficult time resisting "goodie bags" - you never know what is inside. I usually leave the jewelry ones in the store but I could see at least one item I wanted in this one so I figured for $3.50 - why not? I was so happy I bought it when I got it home and opened it up. Here are some of the items that were inside...

I couldn't even see these in the package when I picked it up but there were enough packages of glass beads in there to pay for the purchase. So that makes the rest "gravy". lol

There were a LOT of these little metal discs. They are very light so will work well on blocks, maybe in button clusters?

There were a few of these jewelry findings - they look like flowers to me.

Of course, there were the usual awful earrings. Maybe some will be useful as cabachons though.

Two necklaces - the orange plastic one goes back to the thrift store on my next trip unless someone has a use for it? The shell necklace will be taken apart next time I am working on an Under the Sea theme.
This was the star of the baggie - all these packages of different sized feather charms! I predict some of these will be finding their way into my swap baggies for quite awhile! Some of these bags have over a hundred charms!

Well, the jewelry bag was a good buy. I found a few other fun items as well though.
This all came out of a $1.00 bag - enough nail art items to keep my darling daughter and I going for years!

Last but not least - I could not resist this little bit of whimsy. I am not likely to use it and neither is darling daughter - but who could resist taking home a purse made of pop tops for a closer look? roflol Oh well, the button on the closure is likely worth what I paid for the purse!


Karen said...

You did really good. Makes a trip to the thrift store on the top of my list for the week! Enjoyed seeing your finds!

Gerry Krueger said...

Great day for you...don't you just love those kinds of days...going with no expectations and being rewarded... I am going Asian with my 2010 challenge block because of the fans and some of the Asian silks Nicki sent me...


gocrazywithme said...

What a great thrifting day! I went to Goodwill last week and found some Venise lace on a spool like they use at Joann's that wasn't marked with a price. I took it up to the counter anyway, thinking if they wanted too much I'd just decline it, but the clerk asked a manager and he said, "Oh, 59 cents." I got it home and there was 5 yards + on the spool. Score! Sometimes our Goodwill thinks they have gold when they don't, and sometimes they think they don't when they do.

Cathy K said...

Now that's what I call a GREAT day at the thrift store! Wow, that $3.50 Bag O' Stuff was a treasure! I NEVER see hankies at ours. And that nail art stuff explains your sparkly gold nails in your most current post! What a fun post! Hugs, Cat