Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Tape

Susan/CQLily asked the other day why I seemed to use two pieces of tiger tape both above and below my seams and I thought she might not be the only one wondering about the method to my madness. So, I'll explain - I use the tiger tape not only to judge the width of my stitches, but also the height of my seam. I begin by placing a piece of tiger tape both above and below the seam line, matching up the markings on the tape.
I add another piece of tiger tape both above and below the first two, again matching up the marking lines.

I then remove the center two strips, which leaves me with a half inch of space between the two remaining pieces of tape insuring that I have a nice even height all the way across my seam. Since the tiger tape is 1/4 inch high, removing the center pieces leaves me with a space to make a seam 1/2 inch high. This is usually a useful height for my purposes.
If I want a shorter seam height, I will add another piece of tiger tape to each of the pieces left on the block, overlapping it so that I make a space for a shorter seam. As long as I keep the marks on my tape lined up I am able to easily make a seam which is even both in height and width. So, there you have it - the method to my madness!

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