Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Big Day!

We enjoyed Christmas dinner this year at the home of my son, Sean, and Bobbi and were able to celebrate more than just the holiday!  During a toast my son made, he went to one knee and proposed to Bobbi - happily she accepted and now we are looking forward to a wedding in 2010!  I feel so lucky and I could never ask for a more wonderful woman to have as a daughter-in-law than Bobbi.  We all adore her almost as much as Sean does.

The wedding and engagement rings are a family heirloom from Bobbi's family, worn by both her mother and grandmother.  How special is that?  And for his wedding band, Sean is chosing to use the ring my father always wore.  I am just tickled pink about everything!

I feel like we have been blessed this Christmas in so many ways!


diamond said...

Kerry,,,,this is so amazing. You know that all you sister-cyberers (new word) are as excited as you are. Go girl....and congrats with the addition of your new daughter. THey both look so happy and excited.
I can only imagine how excited you are and will be over the coming years. Congratulations to all.

Cobi said...

congratulations Kerry, how wonderful that your son has found such a lovely girl and she wants to share her life with him. and its a good thing you love her just as well.