Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Stocking for Hideko

I am developing a love-hate relationship with my new computer. I upload pictures on it and then I have to put them on a disc and take it to the old computer to be able to edit them, then load the edited pictures back to the new computer so I can blog. So, this photo is unedited and you will have to look at the basting line around the stocking and use your imagination to crop out what does not need to be there.
Anyway, I have finally finished my work on Hideko`s stocking. There were six stockings in all, and each of us in the round robin was able to embellish one fully. This is mine which will be in the mail to Hideko in the morning.
Starting at the top I used a large Christmas charm I picked up in the States and attached it as a cabochon, adding a beaded fringe at the bottom. Below that you will see one of the BAS seams I did in gold silk thread, the Chained Cross Stitch. Next there is a poinsettia I did in silk ribbon. My silk ribbon embroidery still needs work so I keep practicing. Under that I did another seam in Very Velvet thread. I`ll post more about that one tomorrow - it will be this week`s BAS.
There is a little pewter charm of an angel holding a banner which reads `Seasons Greetings`. Next is a short seam of silver metallic trim on which I have made buttonhole stitch fans using red silk thread and adding a small pearl charm to each. The central patch is my sample for another BAS seam, the Deerfield Herringbone Stitch. I used it as a filler stitch for the whole patch and added beads to the bottom portion to differentiate it as the `seam treatment portion. This was also done in Gloriana Princess Petite Perle silk thread. You can see I attempted to build a Christmas tree for Hideko by couching down green thread in a swirl pattern in a Christmas tree shape. I added beads of different colours as ornaments, a sequin star on the top and gift buttons underneath. There is a short length of a gorgeous ribbon with the word `dream` on it and I have attached it on each side using gold beads. The piece of lace was already on the block and I used gold rickrack and straight stitches in red silk thread to cover one edge. On the lace I placed one of the glass buttons I bought while at the CQI retreat this year.
I hope Hideko will enjoy this stocking although I am afraid I was so slow stitching it will not reach her in time for this Christmas.

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Cathy K said...

I LOVE that stocking! I know Hideko will, too, even if she has to wait until next year to use it! (I'll be worth the wait). Hugs, Cat