Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wonderful Mail Week!

What a great mail week I had - so many goodies found their way into my post office box!

I will start with an extreme closeup here so you can see Marie's gorgeous beadwork.  This is one of the Hearts for Betty that Marie Alton is making and selling to raise money for Betty Pillbury to use in rebuilding her herb garden business.  I am sure no one needs an explanation of who Betty is, one of the great crazy quilters, but you may not have known that she has a herb business which provides her livelihood.  This business was devastated this last year by extreme flooding.  You can read about Marie's Hearts for Betty project here and learn more about Betty by visiting her blog here
 As you can see, the hearts are put together as floating pendants - so pretty!  I also think they will make a wonder addition to a crazy quilt block and $5 is a reasonable price for something so lovely!
 The second package to find its way into my mailbox was a copy of Cindy Brick's book, Hanky-Panky Crazy Quilts, autographed by Cindy herself!  I follow Cindy's blog, Brickworks, and she had a post a little while ago about the Suffragette Quilt (check out the quilt on her post here) going up for auction and asked for guesses on how much it would go for.  I guessed (waaayyy low) but Cindy generously send everyone who guessed a copy of the book.  How cool is that?  Thanks Cindy! 
Looking at this book is getting me all excited about all the vintage embroidered linens I have collected and what I can do with them now!
 Last, but certainly not least, on Thearica's blog she has a Linky Party each month where we turn our round robin and swap blocks into a finished item.  It is a great motivator to finish some of those UFOs into completed pieces.  I won a $20 gift certificate to Thearica's store.  I had a wonderful time choosing lace, vintage jewelry and charms for use on quilts.  Check out these gorgeous vintage pins - I love the shell flower!
 Look at the pile of lace trim - enough to finish off the wallhanging I am working on!
So, all this for $20!  Quite the deal I think!  The seahorse pendant is larger than I realized but as an added bonus his tail is hinged so it moves back and forth.  So cute!

I love going to the post office and opening all these goodies.  Thank you to everyone for your generosity. 


Suztats said...

I love days like that when there are wonderful treasures and surprises in the mail! Enjoy.

Marilyn said...

I got my prize from the Crazy Too contest last week. It was so much fun looking at all the gorgeous things I had ordered from Thearica's store. I'm still waiting for the laces from Nickilee's store but hopefully they will get here soon.

Cindy Brick said...

Kerry, thank you so much for mentioning Hanky Panky! (And the kind words, too.) It's been a really rotten week around here, so it was doubly appreciated.
Next week can only get better. I hope.
Thanks again.

Marie Alton said...

Hi Kerry ... glad your package arrived safe & sound ... and that you love your heart!

There's still lots of them up for grabs ... and welcome all to check out the blog to aquire their own!

Hugs ... Marie