Friday, March 23, 2012

Arlene's Stumpwork Beetle

What is this crawling across my round robin block?!
 I have the privilege of being in the Fools Gold Round Robin with Arlene White in Australia.  If you aren't familiar with Arlene's stitching, you should really give her blog a visit and check it out.  Arlene does wonderful crazy quilting and the most beautiful goldwork and stumpwork embroideries.  I don't usually post photos of round robin blocks until I have them home but I couldn't resist sharing the photos of the stumpwork beetle Arlene has stitched on my block, so with her permission here are her photos.
 Stumpwork is such an ugly name for such a beautiful technique!  Stumpwork is the name given to a style of raised and padded embroidery, originating in England in the second half of the seventeenth century.
 Like the wings on the beetle, parts of stumpwork are worked separately from the embroidery and then attached after.
 Check out the body of the beetle - isn't he just magnificent?  Arlene said she couldn't resist using real goldwork supplies for this little guy in spite of the round robin focusing on faux gold used in traditional goldwork techniques.  I can't say I am sorry about her decision! 
FYI - Arlene generously teaches what she knows and there is a class starting up on Joggles shortly - Australian Aboriginal Artwork Inspired Needle Case.  If you keep up with the classes offered at Joggles, you will see more of Arlene's classes being offered next month, including the class on making stumpwork beetles!  I might see you there - I don't think I can resist taking that class much longer!  lol

Thank you for your generous stitching on my block, Arlene.  I have lusted after one of your beetles forever and am thrilled to have one now of my very own.  I can't wait for him to get back home to me so I can see him in person.  Photos never do embroidery justice!


Arlene White said...

Oh My what a write up, thank you Kerry it is very kind of you to promote my classes, Thank you.


Bear said...

Kerry, this is a stunning piece of goldwork. I admire those who using goldwork in their embroidery and this piece is absolutely stunning
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox

Melissa said...

Hi. I loved this beetle and followed the links over to joggles. That looks like a wonderful site. I've signed up to do a stumpwork beetles class with Arlene. Thanks for the post. I found it really helpful.