Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fools Gold Round Robin - Barbara's block

I finished my work on Barbara's Fool's Gold round robin block.  This one didn't speak to me like the last one, probably because I have a terrible cold and my muse has flown the coop til I'm better.  Up in the left hand corner is a flower spray with Rambler Roses done in metallic gold thread, beads, leaves cut from gold ribbon and stitched on and some Japanese gold thread couched down in a filigree.  I used several gold trims and added beads and stitches in gold rayon thread and variegated purple DMC floss.  I added the purple here and there to tie in with the purple tones in the silkie.  There are several beaded seams as well, a heavy gold trim around the silkie, crystals, and a sequin and lace fan.  I hope Barbara will like what I've done.

1 comment:

Arlene White said...

Kerry this is lovely, it's nice working the gold on the cream colours, I kinda wished I had too, but i guess the pinks will be a challenge for you.

Thanks also for you comments regarding your Beetle, so glad you like him.

As always i love the work you do too.