Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sue's Round Robin Block

 I was the first stitcher on Sue's FFT (Fabulous First Timers) 14 round robin block.  It is a great block made up of wonderful silks and a very cool cotton print.  I love to be first on a block because you get to set the tone on the block and are not restricted by what has already been done on the block.  Selfish, I know! 
 This seam you might recognize as the BAS 75 - Roman Stitch post a couple days ago.  I added a line of beads to each side of the Roman Stitch to add a bit of sparkle.  I filled in the small corner patch with a filler stitch - more on that one later - it will be BAS 76 next week.
 In the top right hand corner of the block I added a fan.  Thanks to the help of my friends at CQI, I was finally able to locate the little sequin fans to use as a base for larger fans.  I love these things!  All I did to make the fan was to gather some organza ribbon with a gold edge that I had and stitch it down under the sequin fan - then I added a store bought gold tassel.  On the seam under the fan I added a piece of vintage lace and a gold cord.  The ribbon with the sequin flowers was an addition Sue had already made to the block before she sent it out.
In the bottom left hand corner of the block I finally found the perfect spot to use a piece of Nicki Lee's wonderful hand dyed lace I had been saving.  I added a seam treatment to the right of it, comprised of a number of stitches, sequins and beads.

I'll have this off in the mail to the next stitcher in the round robin Monday morning - I can't wait to get the next block to stitch on!

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Gerry Krueger said...

Love the combo seam by the lace motif... I'm big into seams now!!!! Hugs Ger