Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Class Over!

 I had the pleasure of introducing a group of 6 ladies in High River to crazy quilting today!  What a wonderful stitching group they have!  They have been meeting together for 12 years and are such a friendly, happy bunch.  They made me feel so welcome and I left feeling more than a little jealous of their group.
The ladies all had their blocks already pieced so it was straight to the fun and games of embellishment - motifs and seam treatments.  We managed to experiment with several common stitches - herringbone, cretan, feather , did some combinations of stitches for more elaborate seams  and also got a good start on a sample of silk ribbon embroidery, making several types of roses and Japanese ribbon stitch leaves.  We had a little fun embossing velvet and they really enjoyed that.  It was a real pleasure to introduce such an enthusiastic group to my favourite art form!


shawkl said...

Oh what great fun! I'm sure all of you had lot's to talk about at the dinner table with family tonight! What a great day!

Juli said...

How fun! I sure wish I had a crazy quilting group to spend time with around here!