Friday, November 11, 2011

Build a Seam (BAS) #74 - Roman Stitch with Tutorial

Sorry for the huge delay in getting the next Build a Seam stitch out.  My new job and a heavy teaching schedule this month are really playing havoc with my time!  Excuse my less than perfect first attempt at this stitch and have fun creating it yourself! 

 Roman Stitch looks best when worked in a medium to heavy weight thread.  This silk thread I used was not quite thick enough but what can I say?  I love silk. 
Start by bringing your needle up at the left hand side and take it down again directly across on the far side of the seam.  Bring your needle back up again in the center.  You can get different effects by either making your center stitch a bit lower as I have which creates a slanted chevron effect or you can make your center stitch parallel to the long stitch instead.
 Whichever way you decide to go, take a tiny stitch over your long thread, catching it in the center.  So, you have a long stitch now going from left to right and a tiny stitch holding your thread in the center.  Bring your needle back up at the left just below where you started and keep repeating.
Here is that I ended up with.  Roman Stitch creates a fairly wide solid stitch on your seam and finding ways to further embellish the seam should be fun. 
Roman Stitch is good for use in leaf shapes as well as other forms where you might want a center rib effect.  Have fun with it!

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