Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative Quilts

There are two quilts heading out in the mail hopefully today.  Yes, I know this first one looks familiar - it was the quilt I made for October for AAQI.  Unfortunately, I did not measure closely enough and it was over the size limit of 9 X 12 so it came back to me.  I took the binding off and cut it down and rebound it and now it is heading back.  I actually like this smaller version better though because of the two pieces of lace that now travel across the binding.  They were too beautiful to consider cutting so I folded them back and once the binding was done stitched them down again so now they intrude on the binding - I like that! 

This is my November donation to AAQI.  It is entitled "Kimono Girl Crazy Quilt" because of the little earring that is added in the bottom right hand corner. 

This little art quilt started out when it arrived to me in the form of a Christmas Cracker from Juli in last year's CQI Christmas Cracker Swap!

It was full of wonderful goodies too and the block itself was beautiful and I couldn't resist making an AAQI quilt from it!  I added a fan using a sequin applique and some tatting. Some vintage lace went onto the red brocade. I added more seam treatments and some ribbon embroidery as well as the little cluster at the botton right with SRE flowers, the earring of the kimono girl and a Czech glass button.  I had purchased the large red flower with the bead dangles awhile ago and had no idea where I would ever use it but I like it here!  Because the quilt will hang the beads have a chance to dangle nicely.  The rest of the work on this piece was already in place when I received it from Juli - including the beautiful seam treatment with the coloured mother of pearl discs.  I love that seam!!  Thank you Juli!!

So, these two are heading off in the mail to AAQI and I will start working on one to send for December now. 


Annie said...

I guess it pays to measure those quilts carefully!

Your latest are so beautiful!

And congrats on that $125 sale of one yours in the last couple of day!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Just lovely! I am always holding my breath when I forget to cut a bit smaller for those little quilts. Sometimes, I iron the binding in, and can get under the size and sometimes I have to take the binding off and redo, as well. In any case, these are just darling!

Juli said...


Fantastic quilts! And, what a great use for those christmas crackers!