Saturday, November 26, 2011

BAS - Week 76 - Ship-Ladder Stitch (with Tutorial)

Here is Week 76 of the Build a Seam (BAS) Challenge.  It is called the Ship-Ladder Stitch - for obvious reasons!  lol  It is made up of straight stitches.  There is a line of straight stitches and then a second series of straight stitches, each going from the right of the top of a vertical stitch to the left of the bottom of the same stitch.  There are a couple step by step photos below that will explain it better than my words do.

Make a straight stitch from top to bottom and bring your needle out to the right of the top of that stitch.

Complete that straight stitch by taking your needle down to the left of the bottom of the vertical straight and bring your needle back up in the center in position to begin the next vertical straight stitch. 

This is my first attempt at the stitch so it is not perfect.  It is important to keep the slanting stitches uniform in length and angle - the regularity creates the beauty of the stitch.  Have fun with this one!

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