Friday, May 27, 2011

Tutorial - Encrusted Beading Stitch

 I begged the teacher of my Fabric Manipulation class at Seminar to teach us this Encrusted Beading Stitch when I saw the results on one of her pieces!  She did, and it is so simple but the results can be stunning (well, hers were - mine need more practice, lol)

Make sure your thread is well secured as always with beading.  Bring the needle up in the area you want to encrust and thread on three beads.  Take the needle back down very close to the same place you came up.
This little "bead lump" is what each stitch looks like when it is done.

Here you can see the type of effect you can get using this stitch - such fun!  I hope you enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome Kerry. I love beads and am always wondering what to do. I love it, do you have a wider picture of how you used it, looks like ribbon is under it:)

Thanks for sharing you knowledge!

Ann Flowers

Sharon said...

Kerry thanks so much for this stitch and the tutorial on it. Hopefully this will helpme use more beads....its lovely.