Friday, May 27, 2011

Notes from the Lake

Well, here I am back out here working at the lake for the summer and living in my trailer onsite.  The summer isn't starting out too well weatherwise.  It is cold, about ten degrees from freezing still, and raining steadily for over a week now with more to come.  Much of the campground is under water and I only have one trailer full of very hearty fishermen  lol
The weather is getting me down with the constant downpour and the grey skies so I find myself not able to stitch much as a result.  My stitching is a joy and I find it hard to do when I am feeling blue myself. 
I am well into my summer reading though and thought this year I might share what I've read in case anyone is looking for a good book:
Perfect Match, written by Jodi Picoult
I discovered Jodi Picoult last summer while I was looking for a new fiction author.  This is one of several of hers I have read now.  She seems to choose a thorny subject, in this case child abuse and the way the judicial system makes the children victims all over again, and builds a pretty good story around it.  Good read.
The Cessist of Sarajevo, written by Steven Galloway
This is a fictionalized account of the siege of Sarajevo, based on facts but combining the events of years over the course of one month.  The story is written from the perspective of several individuals living through the siege of the city.  This story touched me - I felt like I gained a better understanding of what the citizens of Sarajevo went through during this tragic time.  I recommend this book and am proud to also be able to mention it is written by a Canadian author. 
The Matter of Sylvie, written by Lee Kvern
A novel about Sylvie, a child born with severe mental challenges and grand mal seizures, and her family.  The story is told from the perspective of members of the family on Wednesdays in three consecutive decades:  the mother, Jacqueline, in 1961, the father, Lloyd, in 1973, and Lesa, their oldest daughter, in 1987.  This is not a comfortable read but it is a good one.  You feel a little voyeuristic, almost as if you know more than you want to about this family.  As time progresses in the novel, though, you understand more of the family dynamics and understand everyone better.  A very human story written not only by a Canadian, but by a fellow Albertan.
A Certain Slant of Light, written by Cynthia Thayer
An American author this time, and a good one.  She has a first novel available too, Strong for Potatoes, which I am going to get my hands on.  This is a good read - basically a love story but not a bodice-ripper by any means.  A man living in self-induced isolation in Maine after the death of his wife and children in a fire, a young woman, eight months pregnant, who stumbles to his home in a terrible ice storm.  The characters are complex and it is an enjoyable book.
Port Mortuary, written by Patricia Cornwell
I will always read Cornwell's novels as they appear - she is one of my favourite mystery writers.  I love the Kay Scarpetta character and this is classic Scarpetta.  All the old characters are back and it was not disappointing.  If you are ever looking for an very un-Scarpetta novel by Cornwell though - give Isle of Dogs a try.  I very much enjoyed that one.

It is funny that I find myself unable to read any fiction at all in the winter, but in the summer I revert to my childhood habit of almost a book a day. 

I've also been watching a few DVDs on the computer when the internet is down and it is raining so here are the one from the last couple days:
Doubt, with Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman - great movie - has Streep ever made a bad one?  And every time I watch Hoffman in something I am struck all over again with what a really fine actor he is.  Two thumbs up!
Salt, with Angelina Jolie
This is a good one for the spy and mystery readers like me and has enough action to keep the husband occupied.  Good movie.
X-Men Origins - Wolverine
No, I didn't watch this just for a glimpse of Hugh Jackman semi-naked!  lol  That was just a bonus.  I enjoy the comic book movies, X-Men, etc. and this was a good one.  Love the Wolverine character - pure escapism.
Ironman 2, with Robert Downey Jr.
Loved the first Ironman and loved the second one too.  Same comments as above - fun flick.

Okay, so there is a long boring post with no photos.  I'll get back to stitching now so I have something more interesting for you!


gocrazywithme said...

Not a boring post at all, Kerry. I love hearing about what other people are reading and enjoying on the screen.
I've been reading a bit of nonfiction lately, which isn't my usual thing. Right now it's Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman.
I'm a big X-Men fan, too. Pure escapism!

Cathy K said...

I agree with Janet; this was a great post. It’s always wonderful to hear what other people are reading. I am currently reading The Girl Who.... series by Stieg Larssen. Do you read actual books, or do you listen to audio tapes, or read on a reader? I still prefer the old fashioned way, but sometimes it would be nice to listen while I stitch... Hugs, Cathy