Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tea Time Round Robin block for Peggy

 I have just finished another block in the Tea Time DYB Round Robin I am in at CQI.  In DYBs (Do Your Block) each person makes six blocks which are each six inches square and one block is fully embellished by each of the other stitchers in the round robin - you receive five of your blocks back completed as well as one for you to finish yourself.  This one belongs to Peggy Sue and all of her blocks were in these lovely pastel cottons with a tea cup already appliqued on it.  As soon as I saw the little teacups, I couldn't wait to fill one with silk ribbon embroidered flowers!
I started the bouquet by trailing down some little pink flowers - these were from a little vintage bouquet of the type that used to be on Sunday hats for little girls.  I made a few spider web roses next.  The remaining spaces were filled in with french knot flowers, detached chain stitch (lazy daisy) flowers and filler, ribbon stitch leaves and a bit of embroidered fern. 

The seam treatments on this block were all made using Japanese silk perle and buttonhole threads.  I added a large cluster of beaded flowers as well as a button cluster.

The last thing I added to this block was the words "Come to Tea" stitched with metallic sewing thread, using back stitch with waste canvas.  I hope Peggy will like the block because I certainly had fun stitching it for her.


Barb said...

That is one pretty block!

Jo said...

Beautiful, I'm sure she'll love it I know I would x