Thursday, May 19, 2011

Harvest Penny Rug Class at Seminar

One of the two day classes I took at the Embroidery Association of Canada's National Seminar in Sackville, NB, was the Harvest Penny Rug. 

Sadly, this isn't mine if you are wondering!  I am still working on mine but it is a project I will definitely finish in the near future.  Our teacher, Deborah Gale Tirico, was wonderful and I think everyone will follow through and finish their project in all likelihood.  This piece will make a beautiful addition to someone's table during the fall months.  I am not sure how it will fare on my dining room table - five cats and black wool don't really mix. lol

These are some of the other pieces that Deborah had on display for us to see in the class.  A lot of them are available as kits at her website.  Her background in graphic design really shows up in the gorgeous colours of her pieces and I can't wait to finish the Harvest Penny Rug and start another.  I bought a kit for one of the Vintage Elephant Sewing Kits and am looking forward to making that as well.
Working with felted wool is something I have been interested in but never attempted before and I came away from the class confident in my ability to finish the project and do more in the future, which unfortunately is not always the case.  So, hats off to Deborah for a wonderful class - great project, good teacher!  What more could you ask for?
By the way, I am inspired now to add a wool crazy quilt to my list of future projects!

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