Thursday, February 24, 2011

This and That

Well, I have nothing to say for a month or so and suddenly I am full of ideas and things I want to share!  lol  There are two reasons I haven't been getting much stitching accomplished lately.  This is the first one:
My beautiful Marilyn Monroe glasses with the rhinestones on the arms!!  Do you really need to ask what happened to them...
You remember Dexter, right? He's the cute little armful of fuzz that arrived at our house at Christmas?  Well, he has gained five pounds a week since then and now he is teething.  Hard to stay mad at him though.

The other reason I haven't been around much is that I'm suffering through a bout of depression since before the Christmas holidays.  No fun for sure but this too will pass.  In the meantime I am just muddling through and trying to accomplish as much as I can.  If you are interested in learning more about depression and its effects, check out Kitty & Me - Pam Kellogg has written very well on the subject and she is such a sweetheart to share her personal experiences in such a public way.  When one person speaks out openly it makes it easier for everyone.

Although I have had trouble doing much creative, or am doing it at a snails pace when I do, I am enjoying the kind of grunt work where you have a tangible result in the end.  This is the current project.

I found this at the thrift store.  There were two dressers side by side, both painted in this grey colour and with labels on the drawers indicating they had been used in someone's sewing room. 
The other one was a triple dresser that just screamed "Three rooms of furniture for $300.00!"  LOL  This one caught my eye though.  It is solidly built and the drawers are dovetailed, not stapled.  There is also some neat detailing on the drawers and the bottom of the dresser.  I have already stripped the paint off the drawers with the details so I won't show you that - don't want to spoil my little surprise!  You can see a bit at the bottom though.  Once I got through the grey paint... and the yellow paint... and the white paint... and got started on the varnish and stain, I called dh and got him to cast his carpenter`s eye on the wood underneath.  He has tentatively proclaimed it Brazillian mahogany so that was all I needed to hear to want to keep going.  When I have the job all done, I`ll share the results with you.  Keep in mind though that I am not the carpenter in this family! 


lewmew said...

I suffer from depression sometimes as well. I know that being creative will help lift it but it's hard to pick up the needle. ((Hugs)) and sunlight - this all shall pass.


Elaine said...

Dear {{{{{Kerry}}}}}

I hope a virtual hug helps a little? I do hope you are feeling better soon. The 'Black Dog' is an oppressive companion who has been my way from time to time so I am very much thinking of you.

The winter here in the UK seems to have gone on and on for ages which doesn't help, although getting out in the fresh air as much as possible can lift your mood. To my amazement, the training walks my husband and I have been doing for the first time this winter have had such a positive effect that I'd really recommend walking as a big help.

Love the furniture. What a fantastic find! Can't wait to see your progress.

Take care.

Elaine said...

PS Tell Dexter he's a naughty boy :P