Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pansy DYB Blocks Home

My Pansy themed DYB RR blocks arrived home awhile ago but I don't think I posted pictures of them yet.  I loved this theme to work on and the end results of the blocks were wonderful.

This first one was the group block, so all five of the other stitchers in the round robin had a hand in this one.  Such gorgeous seams and I just love the silk ribbon jumping jacks.

Cathy did this one.  These crochet pansies are my daughters favourite thing from all the blocks.  I love the fact that Cathy made me one of the three dimensional butterflies I enjoy making so much.

This one is Arlene's work.  She makes these great ribbon pansies!  I really enjoy looking at all the little details Arlene added to this block.

There is another of the large ribbon pansies gracing this block embellished by Lisa - aren't the colours of the ribbon pansy wonderful?  More beautiful silk ribbon jumping jacks as well as violets on this one.

 Alice did this block and added a silkie from one of Carolyn Phillip's watercolours.  If you check out Carolyn's blog you can find a series of these she is sharing for free.  How wonderful it must be to have talent in so many artistic directions as Carolyn does!  Alice surrounded the silkie with a tatted edging and added a wonderful little pink lace butterfly to the side - gorgeous!

 This block was embellished by Carolyn.  The photo doesn't really do justice to the wonderful pansy she made from velvet - it is just to die for.  Carolyn does such beautiful seamwork too - always an inspiration!

So there you have my Pansy blocks, embellished by all these wonderful stitching ladies.  I feel very lucky to have their beautiful work in my hands.  Now, what to make from these great blocks?


Selvage Quilter said...

All the embellishments are gorgeous! I love all the detail. What a talented group you have.

Say hi to Pinky for me!


AZviaTx said...

I've been following your blog since the Sew event. I haven't posted a comment mainly because I am not a sewer, quilter, fiber artist or any of the other related modalities. I think I am intimidated and don't want toseem like a big ol' loser trying to talk about something I know next to nothing about.
But, I do know what I like. I love this! If I ever put aside all the myriad of other projects, I know I ant to sew a crazy quilt.
It is the style that speaks the loudest to my heart.
From rummaging around your blog, I know that whatever you decide to create will be utterly astounding. I can't wait to see the end result.

Wendy said...

Hi Kerry, this block is beautiful. I love all those wonderful pansies. They are one of my favorite flowers.