Friday, February 4, 2011

Ritva's Under the Sea Block

I have just mailed Ritva's Under the Sea themed DYB blocks on in the Round Robin rotation and thought I would share a photo of the one I did for her.  The seabed is made from fancy knitting yarns, couched down, and then I added some starfish charms.  There is a small sea plant peeking out - it is an oya.  The pink fernlike plant is a piece cut from a large piece of floral venice lace and dyed pink with Adirondak alcohol ink.I folded the piece into two sections in order to make two fronds for the plant and couched it down with french knots and buttonhole stitch at the end.  The larger seaplant is made with feather stitch in a variagated perle cotton and there are small black metallic bugle beads added.  The seashell is another piece cut from a larger lace trim and sewed down using chain stitch.  I added a small pearl-like bead on it as well.  On the far left is a long piece of seaplant which was an interesting sequin trim.  The seams at the top are all feather stitch with detached chain stitch added to them.  The stingray bead came from a shopping spree at my first CQI Retreat in Colorado and the two pink fish were a pair of earrings.

My favourite things on this block are the two silk ribbon fish.  They were inspired by The New Silk Ribbon Embroidery, written by Victoria Adams Brown of Ribbon Smyth.    I hope that Ritva will enjoy the block. I had a lot of fun stitching it.


Ruby said...

Loads of inspiration here! Great block.

Ruby said...

Kerry, I just found Ms Brown's book on ebay for less than 10 dollars including shipping. Thanks for the recommendation. (I think!!!)

gocrazywithme said...

I recognize the stingray bead from Breckenridge! Recently found a shop here in GJ that carries those animal beads; and it's only about 3 blocks from one of the bookstores where I work!