Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Donation Ready

I have just finished getting my donation ready for this year's auction for the Brant Christian School located next door to me.  I like to support the school since we are neighbours.  My donation this year is a counted cross stitch picture (Isa. 58-11).  I didn't actually do the stitching - it was a piece I discovered at the thrift store.  I bought it because it was lovely stitching in an awful frame.  I wish now I had taken a before picture prior to reframing it.  I substituted the original mat which was a plain green square with this mottled green suede-like matt with a bit more interesting cut in the corners.  The frame was originally a green and black plastic of some type.  I bought  a can of gold metallic spray paint which was guaranteed to adher to any surface.  The paint worked wonderfully on the frame and gave it a much richer look.  I am quite pleased with the finished effect - simple but elegant and the framing now shows the stitching up to its best advantage.  So, this will go to the school for their annual auction and I hope it raises a few dollars for them.

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Barb said...

What a lovely donation, looks awesome!