Friday, February 25, 2011

Tea Time DYB block for Cathy L

I am loving the theme of this Tea Time DYB Round Robin I am in at CQI!  This is the block I did for Cathy L.  I was slow as molasses because I started with the teapot using cross stitch on waste canvas and about a third of the way through the dog ate my glasses as I mentioned in a previous post.  So, finishing the tea pot was a challenge and a half!  lol  But it got done and the rest of the block came together quickly after that.
I used the corner of a ladies' hankie with a tatted edging to make a tablecloth to place the tea pot and tea cup charms on.  The blue and green lace is not hand dyed - I bought it as it is at a sari shop in Calgary.  I used gold thread to outline the tea pot and tea cup printed on the fabric using stem stitch.  The different stitched seam treatments were mostly done in DMC cotton floss.
This tiny crochet hat was perfect for this theme!  I was gifted with it some time ago and had been holding onto it.  That`s silly though - like saving the good china and then your kids will put it in a garage sale when you are gone!  So, time to use these little treasures!

Here is a closeup of the tea pot that drove me so crazy.  I just love making little cross stitch motifs and have such a library of them from my cross stitch days.
The blocks are on their way to Lorrie now for her to work her magic.  I hope Cathy will like what I have done.


Laurie said...

I love your work on these and can't wait for the next DYB to fill so I can do them too. It's one of my favorite themes so far, along with English Garden and fairies.

Cathy said...

Sorry for all the troubles you had while working on my block, but Cathy does love and appreciate the work you did.

May I ask what count of canvas you use for those little cross stitch motifs? I tried using 14 but, wow,I can hardly see where to put my stitches even with glasses! But I thought 10 might make the stitches too big for little blocks.

Thanks again,
Cathy L