Sunday, February 27, 2011

Donuts and Organization

Just a note to say I didn't poop out on the "21 days to an organized life"!  Had you given up on me and thought I quit?  No - just got very bogged down on the sewing room day!  My sewing room was a catchall for junk from the whole house and you could barely get the door open and squeeze though - and the overflow had completely taken over the adjacent library as well!  I am happy to say I have been working on it for some time now and soon I'll share some photos of how it looks.  Couple more days... couple more days.... my new mantra!  So, I am still doing the 21 day challenge - my 21 days just aren't consecutive or all-inclusive!  roflol

What does this have to do with donuts?  Nothing - but I wanted to share a couple photos I took the other day.  I had picked up some donuts for dh and myself at Tim Hortons and had the box sitting on the kitchen table.  Big mistake!  You remember Dexter, right?  Well, here is what happened to my donut!

Animals!  You gotta love 'em, right?!

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Gerry Krueger said...

Ah yes...animals. Today I was taking a baggie of brown sugar to Mom for her oatmeal. Stopped to pick up doggie treats and guess who chewed open the bag of brown sugar? Big mess in car....Morris Thanks for the little hearts..they are dear and will go on the necklace... Hugs Gerry