Sunday, July 7, 2013

Step-by-Step - A Little Progress

I have started working on the two small AAQI quilts I am constructing from a spare block.  I decided to take it one step at a time since the block wasn't "speaking to me" at all.  I began working on the left hand side at the bottom. The row of ribbon detached chain stitch wasn't working for me so I took it out.
Once I took out the row of stitching and the seam line was revealed, I could see that the fabric was frayed and the seam compromised.
I don't have my stash of fabrics out here at the summer job, or even a braid to use to fix this, so the alternative was to find a way to cover it up and prevent further damage.  So,,, LACE!  aka the great cover-up.  I auditioned the small amount of ones I had here and decided a piece of tatting would go best with the feel I am starting to get from this piece.
The white tatting was too stark, but a cup of instant coffee toned it down.  I used a metallic thread to attach it with french knots through the picots and small straight stitches over the joins,  I'm pleased with the start I've made.

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