Sunday, July 14, 2013

Remember Me - AAQI Quilt

I have done a couple posts here and here about a lonely little 12 inch round robin block I have decided to make into two small wall quilts for AAQI.  I have the stitching on the first half done now so one little quilt is ready for binding and finishing off (the boring part!  lol
Here is what I did on this one.  In the top left corner I used a small piece of lace trim I dyed in a class.  I used trios of small straight stitches and buttonhole stitches in the Sparkles gold to attach it, added an extra scallop of lace on the top and then a dark crystal heart charm.  I wanted to bring some dark colour in to balance out the odd fabric patch near the center of the block.

I left the original seam work on the next seam, the detached chain stitches, and added flower beads, attached with gold french knots.  I added a bit more stitching and beads to the original silk ribbon motif to enlarge it. Below that, I added the phrase `Remember Me` in stem stitch.  The silk ribbon bow is done with two pieces of silk ribbon and stitched down with small couching stitches here and there, leaving it with lots of dimension.  The bow helped to fill the space between the two words.
I have already blogged about the step or ladder stitch seam I did with the last BAS Challenge. I added a scissor charm - I love charms and really have to rein myself back in using them, especially sewing ones.  I beaded a little fob for the scissors.
The short seam under the scissors is a simple combination of herringbone stitch and cretan stitch done in two shades of Sparkle.
There is a really tiny seam of ric rac held done with detached chain stitches and little straight stitch groupings.

The highly embellished seam running across the top of the dark fabric was copied directly from one my friend Ritva did with one of the BAS Challenge stitches.  Ritva's work always inspires me and I especially love this seam treatment - so much I am "borrowing" it for the second little quilt too!  Thanks Ritva!  It is constructed of Chevron Stitch with a trio of detached chain stitches on the top platforms of the stitch and three pearl beads under that.  In the hollows of the stitch are two straight stitches and more trios of detached chain under the bottom platforms.

The button motif was inspired by Brian Haggard's second book, as were the burgundy seam treatment of chevron stitch with detached chain stitches and the tiny seam of cretan stitches with the little straight stitch crosses on the top.
So, there is this one in excruciating detail for you!  I like it now and am satisfied enough to go on to the next one.  Will keep you posted on that one...