Sunday, July 7, 2013

BAS - Week 84 - Ladder or Step Stitch

Well, what a surprise!  After quite awhile, here is another BAS (Build a Seam) Stitch Challenge.  This one is the Ladder or Step Stitch.
To construct this stitch, begin with two parallel lines of chain stitch.You then join these chain stitch rows with a long single straight stitch between every other chain stitch, or you can diversify and use every chain stitch as I have above.
I also changed colours between the chain and straight stitches and skipped every fourth rung on the ladder to give myself more space for an embellishment in that spot.  There are lots of options available.
So, this is what I ended up with for my seam treatment.  I added 4 detached chain stitches in green thread radiating from the center of the larger spaces in the steps.  I added a flower bead in the center, securing it with a french knot.  If you look closely, there are straight stitches radiating up and down from the sets of three rungs but it is done in silver so doesn't show up much.
This seam is on the AAQI quilt and replaced an almost invisible row of plain white cross stitch.


Rose Anne B said...

That is a lovely seam treatment Kerry. Thank you.

Debbie S. said...

So glad to see you stitching again. Your stitching design is beautiful.