Monday, July 29, 2013

Notes from the Lake

Finally some photos from the lake!  I couldn't resist when I saw someone had built three inuksuit along the shoreline.  Inuksuit is the plural of inuksuk.
 The words are Inuit and these can be found in the far north from Alaska to Greenland.  There is an inuksuk on the flag of Canada's newest territory,  Nunavut.

 As the world seems to get smaller, these are not just seen in the far north now.  People build them anywhere they find rocks to do it with and they are now even used as garden and yard ornaments.

 The original purpose for inuksuit has been debated.  It is thought that they might have marked food caches, hunting grounds or travel routes.  In the tundra there are few natural landmarks so they were surely a guide of some sort.
Finding these at the lake put a smile on my face.  Besides their natural charm they feel distinctly Canadian to me so I always enjoy seeing them, wherever I might find them.I hope you enjoy seeing them too.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yes, I DID enjoy your pictures. hey look like little stone people so perhaps they were path guides. Glad you posted about the ones you found.