Sunday, July 7, 2013

A New (for me at least!) Metallic Thread

I am in love with these metallic threads I picked up at Seminar from The Stitcher's Muse out of Nanaimo, BC.  No affiliation, etc. - just a happy customer.  These are a thicker thread, nonstrandable and similar to Kreinik braids in weight.  They are so easy to stitch with!  I have been using them on seamwork on the little AAQI quilts and they are great to work with - very little fraying and no tangling.  I've used them for french knots and think they would work fine for bullions too since they handle so nicely.
I couldn't figure out the name of the thread to tell you but I finally clued in and looked on The Stitcher's Muse website and it is called Sparkle.

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Gerry said...

These are really pretty, Kerry.

I shy away from metallics because they can be so difficult to work with.

Thanks for the review and the link!

I also hope the people in your area are recovering from the flooding.