Friday, December 16, 2011

Words for 2012

There seems to be a wildfire burning through the online community - of words!  It started with a blog post, sorry I can't remember whose, about her choice of a word for 2012.  Now I see almost everyone on one of the groups I belong to has chosen a word for the coming year - a word to inspire, direct, and motivate. 
All the words chosen seem to be thought provoking  - light, do, enjoy, change, encourage...  Almost every word sounds wise and deep when taken by itself.  You consider the meaning, the possible nuances, and what it means to the person who has chosen it.
Not one to like feeling left out, I put a little thought into it and chose my word for 2012 - journal.  It may not be as deep in meaning as some of the words but I hope it will keep me on track a bit.  It can't hurt, right?  I have signed up for two big projects for 2012 - the Bead Journal Project and the Crazy Quilt Journal Project for 2012.  Both of these pursuits promise a year of adventure in stitching but a lot of work.  I think both will prove rewarding.  I also chose journal for my word because I have been wanting to explore art journals - it seems to be so wide open for interpretation and exploration.

So, have you chosen a word to inspire you in 2012 yet?  What is it?


VivJM said...

Journal is definitely a good word to keep you on track with your chosen projects I should think!
The word that seems to be calling to me for 2012 is "open" as in being open to new ideas, new challenges etc.

Cathy K said...

Kerry, Journal is a good word, and appropriate given your entry into BJP and CQJP. I wish I could say that I put thought into my word, but when I read the email on CQI asking what our word for 2012, `Enjoy' just practically jumped out of my mouth. Good thing it wasn`t a four-letter word, LOL. I have worked hard for so many years in my career, raising children, etc. Now, having retired, I finally feel as though I have earned the right to do what I want, to enjoy life. And so help me, 2012 is going to be enjoyable!! Lots of stitching. Hugs, Cat

Loralynn said...

Journal is a very good word. I think my word for 2012 will have to be "complete" for a multitude of reasons ranging from personal to crafting!