Friday, December 9, 2011

Finished CQ Box

First of all, let me say right off the bat that I can't take credit for this beautiful stitching.  I didn't do it - it was the cover of one of my Christmas Crackers I received in a CQI swap last year from a wonderful crazy quilting friend.  I can, however, take credit for the finishing!  I am always on the lookout for boxes and things I can take apart and reassemble to hold crazy quilting pieces.  This box from the thrift store was a great find and I paid under $5 for it.  It held a pretty ugly grouping of ceramic bits and bobs but now it holds this beautiful stitching.  There was lots of depth to the original collection in there so the bullion stitch insects and other dimensional stitching have lots of room to breath.

I love it when a plan comes together!  I will be keeping this for myself and finally I have a wonderful way to protect the treasured gift of stitching and display it for everyone to admire.


Mánya said...

Beautiful finishing for a beautiful block! Congratulations!

Juli said...

What a great idea! And, lovely work.

Marianne said...


Rose Anne B said...

Just beautiful stitching on the block and CONGRATS Kerry on finishing it off so beautifully. A beautiful box for your odds and ends near your stitching chair???

Cathy K said...

This is fantastic! Like you said, it’s wonderful when something comes together like this! Beautiful project.

Arlene White said...

I'm forever looking for boxes like these, but so far not successful. This is a wonderful gift Kerry, lucky you..... thank you for sharing.