Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stitch-In Day at Elboya (CGNFA)

This Thursday I the pleasure of taking part in a Stitching Day in Calgary with friends, old and new, in the Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts.  It was a relaxing day, as it always is, stitching and chatting without interruption.  I spent the day putting together kits for an upcoming class while the others beaded, stitched and knit.  Even though I was feeling pressure to get done everything I needed to get accomplished that day - it was a lovely way to spend a winter day and I am happy I went even though I was not able to sit and stitch.
Beryl was working on a beaded cover for a Christmas ball and was deep in concentration.  What a beautiful project it is though!  It was a mini workshop at the last Stitching Day and I am so sorry I missed it.
Much as I love my Yahoo groups because they are the ultimate solution to stitchers who are isolated geographically, or by winter weather, I have to sing the praises of belonging to a group where you get out and spend time with like-minded people.  I have belonged to CGNFA, a Chapter of The Embroidery Association of Canada (EAC) for about 27 years now and some of these ladies I have known for all those years!  I have been encouraged to pursue my embroidery when I might have given it up if I had no interaction with other stitchers.  I have learned most of what I know either from the Guild or through Guild contacts. 

Benefits of CGNFA include Stitching Days like this one, organized stitching Retreats at beautiful venues, monthly meetings, workshops, and fellowship.  We do charity projects as well and I am happy to say that they have adopted AAQI as our sponsored charity for the next two years.  Since CGNFA is a Chapter of the Embroidery Association of Canada, members also reap many benefits of a national stitching group:  National Seminar every year, correspondence courses, Embroidery Canada magazine to inspire and inform, an extensive national needlework library, and so much more!
Fun is also a definite part of these days as you can see from the conference here on a hand knitted sock and how to finish the toe!  Barb is offering constructive advice on the project, lol.  The Guild encompasses all kinds of stitchery, basically anything which involved a threaded needle, but these sock knitters are a breed unto themselves! 

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