Monday, December 5, 2011

Last Crazy Quilting Class of the Year!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of teaching a class for the Town of High River on how to make a Crazy Quilted Christmas Stocking.  As you can see, Glyn looks very happy with  hers!

All the ladies worked very hard and I think the class was enjoyable for them as well as me.  I kept harping to "press, press, press!"  As you can see, Debra was listening!  lol

Here is Debra's stocking - the results certainly were beautiful!  She was very patient with my drooling over her grandmother's button box too!  If you enlarge this photo I hope you can see the motif with the ruched ribbon and the darling little brass buttons.  They came from the button box and were just perfect in this spot!

We held the class at The Culture Centre in High River - a wonderful facility!  We had all the room we needed to spread our stash out and get right into it.
This is the second time Jasmine has taken a crazy quilting class from me so it was really nice to see her again.  She has a real artistic vision and takes whatever I show her and makes it her own.

Sharon was another student who wasn't a stranger to me.  We used to attend the High River Handicraft Guild together and I had the pleasure of having her in my Fabric Manipulation class earlier this fall.  It was exciting to me to see her take the embossed velvet she made in that first class and incorporate it into her Christmas Stocking in this class. 
I want to thank Valerie, Jasmine, Ann, Glyn, Debra, Sharon, Rhonda and Ethel for making this class such a pleasure to teach!

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