Friday, September 2, 2011

A Teaser from the Land of No Stash

Well, okay, mabe it isn't The Land of No Stash here in the trailer at the lake.  I am sure my family would argue with me as would anyone else who has tried to find room to visit in the rv in the summer.  But, it is definitely The Land of Limited Stash! 

This jacket followed me home from the thrift store awhile back.   I could not resist the sheer exuberance of it!  I wondered who had made it for themselves and then not worn it - coward!  Or perhaps it was made as a gift for someone who had a little less security in themselves?  In any case, the thrift store was where it ended up and all it's fleecy goodness came home with me.  My dd refused to let me wear it - even just in the house - for fear they could come in the white jackets and cart me off!

The weather has suddenly turned cold (honestly - it feels like snow!) so I have been wearing it to keep warm the last couple days.  I was working on a project which I will show you in my next post and needed quilt batting - just a little - but there wasn't a scrap left here in the trailer and I didn't want to wait until I went home to work on the project.

Well, you could see it coming, couldn't you?  lol  Tomorrow I'll show you where this nice little piece of fleece went. 

And,no, I still haven't been able to throw the jacket out.  I looked at it again, or what was left, and thought - cushion!  It wants to be a cushion!  We shall see ....  Just between you and me, I think sometimes my muse has a bit of a drinking problem.

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Ruby said...

Oh! Kerry, that last comment got me. I'll bring home a silk shirt and tell DH it's not a shirt it's roses or a skirt is a tote bag. I don't drink but I think she does!!