Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lotta Beads and a Little Rant

I can't help myself - just had to share this photo and the little story that came with it.  Can you imagine?  Tell me these aren't delicas!

Photo courtesy of Gary Parkinson.
"Have you ever felt tempted to take on a really big beading project, like, say, beading your car? Me neither! At least not something quite that big. But that's exactly what father and daughter beaders and members of the Mexican Huichol tribe have accomplished. Their goal (which I deem successful!) is to raise awareness of the importance of beadwork and symbolism, and the role of women, in Huichol culture.
And what a gorgeous result: A cute, vintage Volkswagen Beetle covered with over two million glass beads, all glued on by hand. CBS News reports that the project took more than eight months to complete."

Now for the rant - I think beading a car would only be a little less likely to make my head explode than what I'm going through right now.  I am trying desperately to get ready to go to Colorado and feel like I am running hurdles trying to get things done before I go.  And, for some reason, more and more things I need to do keep popping up!  I have just wasted an hour I didn't have on the phone trying to find out why the criminal record checks I applied for are not coming back in a timely manner.  It is now getting close to where the classes I am signed up to teach are going to be cancelled because of it and I am still waiting - four months later!  Why is it taking so long?  Don't these people have all this on computers?  Was it really necessary to have a nice, middle-aged lady come in and get fingerprinted and wait forever for them to run the prints just so I can teach crazy quilting?  Honestly! 

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Barb said...

That car is amazing.

Hope things start to go more smoothly for you!