Thursday, September 29, 2011

Part 4 - Regular Fun Events at the September Stitch Shenanigans

There are some really fun little events that have become part of each retreat.  One of these is the "stash dash"!  Everyone brings their excess stash of fabrics and they all get spread out on tables and dive in with our scissors to help ourselves to bits of what we would like.  Good fun and great stash building opportunity!

 As you can see, some of us really have our arms full after all the fun!

 We also have a silent auction of items donated by our sponsors and members.  The fund raising efforts like this help us to build scholarship funds for those who would like to come to retreat but are not able because of financial circumstances.  This year we were able to bring several people in on the fun of retreat!  This is another great way to build stash.  The bidding got pretty hot and heavy and although I missed out on some of the items I was bidding on, I did manage to bring home enough items to keep me occupied for the rest of my life! 
 These lovely gift packages you can see around the fireplace are the items for the Chinese Auction.  Everyone who wishes to participate brings a gift, usually a handmade item or some great stash.  We count off around the room so everyone gets a number and then we start drawing numbers out of the hat.  The first person gets to pick the package of their choice and open it.  Then the second person picked has the choice of either opening the gift of their choice or "stealing" the gift the first person opened. This continues on like this with each person either opening or stealing until everyone has something.  If you get "robbed", you get to open another gift of your choice or steal something but can't relax as that one might be taken next!  Each gift can only be "stolen" twice - the third person to get their hands on it gets to keep it.  Things were flying back and forth with no one holding onto anything for very long - I think poor Janet must have been getting dizzy with the number of times she was robbed!  Everything is very good natured and although I have never enjoyed this type of thing anywhere else I have encountered it, with this group it is great fun!  I ended up with a beautiful crazy quilted cushion Colleen made after having a variety of things pass through my hands.
Holly was the lucky one to get to keep this gem!  Lovely Lauri makes these crazy quilted bears and I don't think she'll ever get to stop now - we all watch for them to pop out of one of the packages!

I know I haven't covered all these little yearly events but my mind is still buzzing with all that goes on at retreat.  Just wanted to give you a taste of the fun we had!

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