Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4th Annual September Stitch Shenanigans - Part 1 (The Venue)

For the second consecutive year, the CQI retreat was held in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado, at the YMCA of the Rockies.  This was the view we awoke to every day!  I really enjoyed the venue we had, an eight bedroom "cabin".

 During the day, we had lots of natural light for stitching in our very comfortable living room area. 

The roomy dining area of our cabin allowed lots of space for those who like to stitch at a table to spread out and settle in as well. (Check out the chandelier made from cast off elk antlers!  This is going onto my "to-do" list - dh would love one!)
We had a great kitchen as well with two of each of the major appliances including dishwashers so no one wasted time standing at the sink.  Breakfasts and lunches were continental style which accommodated the early risers as well as those who took this opportunity to sleep in - maybe because they were up most of the night stitching and giggling?  lol  Suppers were prepared ahead and home cooked and delicious!  Gotta love Leslie's cheesecakes!  The kitchen duty of warming up, setting up and tidying after was worked on a rotation so no one spent too much time in the kitchen. It worked out so most people had kitchen duty for two meals over the five days - not too hard on anyone.  All the prep was done by Leslie before the retreat - bless her heart!

So, that is the venue we had - more on the retreat itself in the next post!

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