Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

I have enjoyed reading posts on other blogs about WIP Wednesday so for this week at least I have decided to jump on the bandwagon!  Here is what I'm working on so far this week.  Keep in mind please that Dexter ate my glasses so I am leaning more towards craft than art this week again.

This gorgeous block was on one of my Christmas crackers in an exchange at CQI.  Now it is the start of my next AAQI quilt.

So far only one seam treatment and one embellished patch but, hey, it's a start, right? 

I have picked up a total of five different terracotta shelves with little angels on them at the thrift store over the last couple weeks.  I have an idea for a garden in the shady corner by the house - sort of a secret garden idea.  So, I thought these shelves would be great to hang on the side of the house with plants on them - something that loves shade and will creep and hang down.  So, I am painting them all and hopefully will have them finished tonight or tomorrow morning.

I managed to finish and mail some quilt blocks for an online quilt block lottery.  I didn't win (obviously) so I made 16 of these 6-1/2 inch blocks to send to Melanie who did won.  It took me awhile to find enough white with black patterned fabric in my scraps but I did manage.  Once they were done I couldn't help thinking how much fun they would be to play around with so I might have to make some for myself! Or at least making some will go on the list!  lol

The other project I finished and mailed off were ten pole scrunchies for the AAQI Heartbreak to Hope exhibit starting up soon.  These fabric tubes cover the poles that make up the framework for hanging the quilts.  I tried spinning a tale for dh when he asked what pole scrunchies were - all about my contributing them to a charity that provides them to underprivileged exotic dancers with cold hands but he wasn't buying!  rofol

I am busy working away on Cathy K's tea time round robin block and these little bits of lace are forming the basis for my work.  Just a teaser - when I have it done in a day or two I'll share a photo of it. 

Other than that, it's just the dresser which I am still stripping all the paint off of.  It's coming along slowly but the pressure is on now since my grandkids are coming back from England in a couple weeks and the dresser is to replace the old one in my granddaughter's room. 

I'm liking this WIP Wednesday - once you start listing things you start to feel like you are getting something accomplished!

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Cathy K said...

You’re a big tease! I LOVE lace (that’s news, eh?), so I am salivating.... hehehe. Hope you get your new glasses soon. I have an appointment on the 17th and hope to have my new glasses before the Adventure in April. Take care, dear one! Hugs, Cathy