Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cathy`s Tea Time Block

This the the little 6 inch block I embellished for Cathy K in the Tea Time DYB round robin we are in together at Crazy Quilting International. The seam treatments are all done in Japanese silk buttonhole thread.  The two little butterfly charms were cannibalized from a bracelet I found at the thrift store.  I used tracing paper for the writing on the block by writing "Tea for Two" on the tracing paper and then basting the paper to the block.  I embroidered through the tracing paper and then removed it from around and under the stitches. 

I posted this picture of some lace bits a few days ago as a "teaser".  They were the basis for the parasol, the main motif on this block, seen below.

To create the parasol, I cut out each individual little segment of lace from motifs on hand and sewed each one done, assembling the parasol as I went.  I started with the spines and then the outer edges.  I couched down some braid to create the handle and then added lace leaves, flowers and a butterfly to embellish the handle further.  I cut a larger piece of lace for the top of the parasol and manipulated it somewhat to make it lay where I wanted it.  A few flower pieces finished it off, hiding some of the joins there weren't as nice as I wanted.  I painted the entire motif with All-Purpose Ink for Fantastix in #70 Vegas Gold.  An iron was used to set the colour.  A few glass pearl-like beads in the center of the flowers finished things off. 


Ruby said...

Every lady needs a fancy parasol for tea parties. Grand work!

bubbygigi said...

The parasol is beautiful. You did such a good job of putting the pieces of lace together.