Monday, March 21, 2011

Tutorial - tete-de-boef stitch

 Tete-de-boef gets its name because it looks like the head of a bull with the detached chain stitch face and the little horns. 

Begin the stitch by making two straight stitches at about 90 degrees, as shown above.

Starting at the juncture of the two straight stitches, make a detached chain stitch in a downward direction to create the bull's head.

Use another straight stitch to secure the chain stitch. 

These stitches can be worked individually, in either a horizontal or vertical row (as shown here).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Kerry!

I LOVE that there are very many ways to do most anything. I make this stitch by starting out with a fly stitch and end it with a detached chain rather than a straight stitch.

Cris in MT

Unknown said...

Cris - I think your way will look much better too because the horns will be curved and horns are...well...curved! lol