Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spider & Webs II RR - Janet's block

Janet's block is the last for me to work on in this round robin and I have completed my part and mailed it off. It always seems more difficult to me to be the last stitcher in a round robin - this block was so lovely when it reached me I was very challenged to attempt to meet the standard of stitching already set. Your best is all you can do though, right?
The first motif I did was a little group of nasturtiums in silk ribbon. I built a spider web between my nasturtiums and the roses already on the block.
The second motif I did was this group of red flowers. The whole thing is worked in Gloriana Princess Perle Petit Silk threads. The flower petals are bullions in a colour called Poinsettia. The centers of the flowers are groups of french knots and the stem was done in Palestrina stitch.

And here is Janet's block in its entirety, as it looked when mailed away. I hope she likes what I did. The black was wonderful to work on - makes the colours pop! There are wonderful silk ribbon honeysuckle and many other flowers and webs. I love the way it turned out!


Ruby said...

Gorgeous work. Thanks for sharing the details ( stitch names and thread). It is very helpful. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Kerry your work is Gorgeous. I love the shape of your spider web. and your bullion flowers are AWESOME. I have such trouble with the bullion stitch. Yours are fantastic:)