Friday, October 9, 2009

BAS - Week 36 - Raised Cretan Stitch

Sorry for the long delay in getting back to posting the BAS stitches and seams! What with moving back home from the lake and then going to Colorado for the retreat I have been pretty busy and not always near a computer. I resolve to do better though!
This week's seam is the Raised Cretan Stitch as shown in the photo above. I have made this particular one pretty wide and with the stitches close together but you can vary the stitch by adjusting these variables. In case the stitch is not familiar, I am including some photos of how it is made.
You start out by making two rows of backstitch parallel to each other and evenly spaced.

Bringing your needle up at the top of the first backstitch on one side, take it across and through the outside of the first backstitch on the opposite side. Pull your needle through, being careful to keep the thread that came across in the last step underneath your thread this time. If that is not clear take a look at the photo and you should be able to tell what I mean by the placement of the needle. Take your needle across and through the next backstitch on that side, always working from the outside to the center of the seam and keeping the previous threads underneath. Continue on back and forth in this way until you have completed the seam.
I hope you enjoy this seam and I'll look forward to seeing some photos of what you do! If you have any questions or I can make this clearer please just ask.


CarolynPhi said...

Oh my gosh, Kerry, you are so generous with your time and talents in hosting this wonderful learning experience for all of us, you don't have one thing to apologize for...

Thank you for being you!!!

Big hugs, Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing, Kerry! I was just teaching a friend open Cretan--now she can ad raised Cretan to her sampler. Thanks! Lynn in SoCal