Sunday, October 4, 2009

Potholder Swap

I'm back online at last! I found my battery charger for the camera after arriving home from the Crazy Quilting International Retreat in Colorado (more on that in a day or two) so now I need to catch up on what I have been up to.
I needed to make a potholder for a swap so I decided to play with selvages again. For this I simply strip pieced a square on the diagonal. Then I cut it into quarters, rotated two of the quarters to make a diamond effect and put it all together with a couple layers of thermolan. One thing I did learn on this little project is it saves a lot of work if you leave more print on the selvages!


Selvage Quilter said...

Cutting your selvages wide adds a lot of color too.

But then again some quilters don't leave any of the colored part at all, and it also looks nice.

You can't go wrong with selvages!

Where can you buy thermolan? I just use 3 layers of Warm and Natural batting, but I don't know that it really does the job.


Amy said...

I have the same question. I want to make potholders and can't find thermolan and was wondering if the Warm and Natural batting would be enough or not. Mine are 11 years old, burned, stained and generally ratty!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I bought the Thermolan at my LQS. I hope I have the name right - it is what it used to be called when I started quilting so that is what I ask for. The ladies at the store always know what I mean! The quilt bat with the metallic foil on one side is the one I use. I think that is what gives it its insulating properties. Hope this helps!