Thursday, October 8, 2009

Retreat, Part 1

I came home from the lake with the trailer this year with only a week to get ready and get to Colorado for the CQI retreat. I made it - although I was unable to find all the supplies I needed to bring with me - but crazy quilters are a very generous group and the others took care of me where I ran short. Thank you ladies! So, in a frenzy of packing I got ready to go. As you can see, not everyone in my house was crazy about me leaving again so soon after arriving home from the lake. My Pomeranian, Nala, did her best to hold the suitcase down!

The retreat took place in Breckenridge, Colorado, where Leslie had arranged for us to rent the home you see above. The accommodations were pretty well perfect for our needs with lots of light for stitching, plenty of room for spreading out our collective stash, gorgeous scenery and even a hot tub! It was snowing lightly when we arrived as you can see from the photo but it didn't last although the weather was cool at night as you would expect in the mountains.
The fun started as soon as we arrived with Leslie presenting us with presents, the first of which was a tote bag each that she had made with the wonderful new CQI logo! Leslie has a commercial embroidery machine and she works absolute magic with her skills with that machine.
Each of us also received a name tag - isn't this a clever idea? I love mine and will be using it for my guild meetings this fall.

There was a beautiful little creek running by the side of the retreat house right by the hot tub. It was so lovely to look at, whether it was snowing or the sun was shining.

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Aida Costa said...

Pretty things Kerry!! That house and the location look marvelous :)