Monday, October 5, 2009

Ann's Spiders & Webs II RR Block

I finished up Ann's round robin block in time to hand in on to Janet at the Retreat. I finally managed to come up with a bit of silk ribbon work! This block had so much really lovely silk ribbon embroidery on it I felt like I should add some too but had a hard time coming up with anything that wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb because of my limited ability with silk ribbon. At last I came up with this little bunch of pansies which I was happy enough with in the end.
This gold fabric gave me nightmares! It was one of those that loves to fray and by the time I was stitching on it the gold had frayed enough that it wouldn't meet the adjoining black fabric anymore. So, I stabilized the seam by securing both the black and gold to prevent further fraying and then found this trim in my stash that had both colours in it so it would blend in. There are no traditional seams on this block so I didn't want to add any this close to the end. It was tricky to get the trim worked around the existing stitching but I think I managed all right in the end. I really liked this very pretty gold fabric so I claimed it for myself and stitched a dragonfly on it in varigated threads. I had already done a litle dimensional embroidery of an aloe vera plant which I posted previously.

So, in the end this is how Ann's block looked when I handed it off to Janet. Isn't it gorgeous?!


morvoren said...

Hi Kerry,
Just taken a peep at your pansies...Oh Kerry they are wonderful :O) I really feel you have the silk embroidery fingers!
Hugs Pam

gocrazywithme said...

The pansies look like they could grow right off the block! Very realistic! I finished my work on Ann's block yesterday, and then today I read your blog post about not adding any traditional seam embroidery. Well, I added several seams worth, using the blue that is in your dragonfly! LOL! Hope that's okay with Ann. They don't stand out, just a nice blending and mingling of the soft blue.

Thelma said...

Love those pansies! Awesome work Kerry!

CarolynPhi said...


I love the little silk ribbon pansies you made. As a pansy lover, I'm pretty certain I'll be trying to copy your pretties!!! Shameless, aren't I?!!!

If I can't figure them out, I may have to ask for a tutorial...see, I really am shameless!!